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Dr. Randy Woodson, North Carolina State University's 14th chancellor, began a series of visits across the globe to learn more about the university's role and reach and reaffirm the university's commitment to meeting the world's needs.

Chancellor's Visits

Chancellor Woodson travels the state, nation and world to build relationships with thousands of families and alumni, form national and international partnerships in industry, government and academia, and grow the general audience of the NC State story. The Chancellor is a tireless advocate of making the world aware of the outstanding impact that our students, faculty, staff and alumni have throughout the world. By traveling the state, Chancellor Woodson is able to connect with people from all across North Carolina who partner with NC State to drive economic development and grow our state’s resources. He is constantly sought to address groups around the nation from leading businesses and non-profits, to the White House and prestigious national organizations. And around the world the Chancellor is working to strengthen our ties to the many international alumni who share such a strong loyalty to the Wolfpack. These efforts enhance student success, broaden our support network and strengthen our state, national and international image. Be on the lookout for a visit to a city near you!