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Chancellor's Visits

10/20/- 10/21/2010 Richmond, Virginia

Locations: Mead West Vaco Conference Center & Norfolk Naval Station

In October, Chancellor Woodson visited Richmond, Virginia where he connected with alumni in the area at a reception at the Mead West Conference. He then attended a dinner at the Norfolk Naval Station which was held by the Breezy Point Officer's Club.

12/2/2010 New York

Location: Ernest and Young

In December, Chancellor Woodson made his way to the Big Apple for at New York alumni event at Ernest and Young. He then put on his dancing shoes for the North Carolina society of New York dinner dance.

The North Carolina Society of New York is a society that attempts to remain close to its North Carolina roots, amidst the city that never sleeps.

2/25/2011 Winter Park and Orlando, Florida

Location: the home of Len Habas

On February 25, Chancellor Woodson visited the cities of Winter Park and Orlando in Florida. The chancellor was greeted at an alumni event at the home of Len Habas.

3/16/2011 Atlanta, Georgia

Location: Buckhead Club

On April 16, Chancellor Woodson visited Atlanta, Georgia for an Alumni Event at the Buckhead Club.

4/11/2011 San Francisco and San Jose, California

Locations: One Market Restaurant & Silicon Valley Capital Club

In March, the chancellor visited the West Coast to meet alumni and explore partnership opportunities. Alumni receptions were hosted in San Francisco at the One Market Restaurant and in San Jose at the Silicon Valley Capital Club.

5/19/ 2011 Washington D.C.

Location: Grand Hyatt

On May 19, 2011, Chancellor Woodson joined about 150 alumni in Washington D.C. for an event at the Grand Hyatt. The D.C. area has the largest alumni population of any metropolitan area outside of North Carolina. The meeting was a collaborative effort between the NC State Alumni Association and the Poole College of Management. Park Scholarships alumni also met in D.C. to discuss recruiting strategies for the future of this prestigious scholarship.