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Northeastern North Carolina - Chancellor's Visit

Unlimited outdoor and cultural activities and an inviting, pro-business climate combine to provide a number of opportunities for business, recreation and relaxation in Northeastern North Carolina.

Add the world famous Outer Banks, pristine rivers and sounds, countless local attractions and an inviting, pro-business climate, and its easy to see just how rewarding learning, living and working in North Carolina’s Northeast can be.

NC State chancellor Randy Woodson toured the area July 21, first attending a board meeting of the North Carolina Northeast Commission, which promotes economic development and travel and tourism in the 16 northeastern North Carolina counties.

Chancellor Woodson then visited aerostat and airship expert TCOM (located outside Elizabeth City) whose manufacturing and test flight headquarters is recognized as North America's premier manufacturing, maintenance and refurbishment facility for airship and aerostats (unmanned weather balloons).

North Carolina's Northeast Commission

airplaneThe Northeast Commission promotes economic development and travel and tourism for sixteen northeastern North Carolina Counties, and provides no cost, confidential assistance to companies considering relocation or expansion in the region.

The organization also supports efforts to increase visitor awareness of the many natural, historical, cultural and recreational opportunities that abound in North Carolina's Northeast.

Some of these oppotunities can be found in Elizabeth City, the County Seat of Pasquotank County. To learn more about Elizabeth City, enjoy the video below.

Open video in YouTube | Video from the UNC-TV and Our State Magazine


TCOM has been at the forefront of innovative developments in tethered aerostat systems. TCOM has pioneered all of the most significant advancements in tethered aerostat systems offering the best of today’s leading edge technology to meet the full range of surveillance and communication needs.

TCOM blimp.

71M with Aerostat Programmable Radar (APR) Payload. 71M aerostats provide stable, long endurance high altitude platforms for long range radars, passive surveillance payloads and communications relay. Aerostat images from TCOM via Airship Management Services.

TCOM is the only U.S. company with a facility devoted to aerostat and airship manufacture, assembly, flight test and training.