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Piedmont Triad, Part II - Chancellor's Visit

On June 3, Chancellor Woodson traveled to Greensboro's Revolution Mill Studios and visited with incoming NC State students, their families and local alumni.

Guilford County Senior Send-Off

flowersChancellor Woodson traveled to Greensboro to visit with incoming NC State students and their families at the Guilford County Senior Send-Off, held at Revolution Mill Studios.

Senior Send-Offs are outstanding opportunities for incoming students, along with their families and friends, to meet other members of the Wolfpack. For more information on Senior Send-Offs, please visit the NC State Alumni Association.

2010 NC State Guilford County Senior Send-Off | Open video in YouTube

Revolution Mill Studios

Of the myriad of mill complexes in northeastern Greensboro, Revolution Mill has the distinction of being the first modern flannel mill in the American South.

The increase in popularity of flannel fabric accounts for the growth of Revolution during the first quarter of the twentieth century. By the 1930s, the mill had become the largest exclusive flannel producer in the world, incorporating many of the innovations of the Southern textile industry that occurred after 1900.

Revolution Mill Studios

Exterior rendering of Revolution Mill's event center entrance.

The entire complex was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. A total of 250,000 of the 600,000 square feet of the mill has been renovated and is occupied by 97 businesses. When completed, Revolution Mill — with its original maple floors, large windows, clearstories, and high ceilings — will serve again as an economic center for the neighborhood.

For more information about the history of Revolution Mill, visit here.