Internships & Co-ops


Creating a competitive edge for students

In a world of intense global competition  employers prize graduates who have put academic theory into practice. Students who, in addition to stellar grades, have made the extra effort to learn and grow in their fields and who can hit the ground running.

To prepare our graduates to land the best jobs in the fields they’ve chosen, beginning freshman year, NC State offers co-op, internship, service-learning and other applied opportunities to students for on-the-job experience. These programs not only increase employability, they also let students explore their choice of majors or career fields, work with experienced professionals and state-of-the art equipment, develop communication skills and a knowledge of workplace cultures, earn money for college and develop more specific career and lifetime goals.

NC State offers many options for finding employment:

  • University Career Development Center links degree program students and alumni in all majors looking for jobs or internships. Employers in a variety of fields post openings through the ePack Program.
  • Human Resources maintains a searchable job opportunities database for students seeking internships or part-time jobs.
  • Cooperative Education at NC State helps qualified undergraduate and graduate students integrate their academic study with related, work-based learning. Students can work for up to one full year in a relevant occupation—learning firsthand what challenges professionals face in their chosen field and often earning credit toward professional certification.
  • NC State colleges provide internships and on-the-job opportunities through their own career development offices.
  • The Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service offers volunteer positions and internship opportunities for students seeking leadership experience with a service-oriented focus.
  • Fellowship Advising at NC State serves undergraduates, alumni and graduate students seeking opportunities for study, travel, research work and practical experience in the US and abroad.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid maintains an online application system for students seeking part-time jobs.
  • Student Employment Services connects NC State students with on-campus job opportunities, often in a department or office relevant to their career goals.
  • Undergraduate Research provides undergraduates with stipends and other support as they conduct and present topical research alongside proven scholars, experts and professionals in their field.