Tools & Software


The central catalog of records is a donor recognition database maintained via the Advance System by SunGard HigherEd. Advance is a proprietary database that runs off of a Sybase platform. Each record consists of an entity and a donation summary. An entity represents a person or an organization; it is essentially the donor or potential donor. The donation summary is broken down into gift and membership summaries in a historical log of all contributions made by the respective entity.

The biographical and giving updates are processed nightly to sustain prompt recognition and are examined the next business day for quality assurance. Information contained in the database is highly confidential and intended solely for use by the Alumni and Development Offices and other appropriate staff. Staff members are expected to use Advance according to the policies and procedures established for its use, as described in this document.

The current version used by North Carolina State University is Advance 9.1. The User’s Guide, included with each version of Advance, explains the detailed steps for updating the Advancedatabase. For further information, refer to the appropriate SunGard HigherEd training handbook or the online user’s guide.

Credit Card Software

Specialized software is required for processing credit card transactions, which must be processed completely before updating Advance. As of June 19, 2007, Alumni & Donor Records uses nelNet’s QuickPay, the official credit card processing software application for NC State University.

Online Tools & Services

Alumni & Donor Records uses several online tools and services for verifying biographical information. These range from AlumniFinder (for locating new addresses and phone numbers) to verifying death notices).