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Home of the Wolfpack Warriors

Welcome to the home of the WOLFPACK WARRIORS! Detachment 595 is one of the best detachments around. During any given semester we have between 100 and 150 cadets. This is a great size as it is big enough to create an effective command structure yet still small enough so there is a personal relationship with each cadet. You are not just a number. Several times each semester cadets are evaluated and told what areas they are excelling in and what areas may need improvement, along with suggestions on how to do so.

Our facilities are located within Reynolds Coliseum on North Carolina State University's Main Campus. Aside from the Cadre Office and Air Force classroom we have a Cadet Training Room (CTR) where cadets can spend some time studying, relaxing between classes, or honing their flying skills on the two flight simulators. Periodically the cadets hold social functions in the CTR to build camaraderie. There's also the occasional foosball tournament!

Our Cadre ranges from Lieutenants to Colonels and are assisted by our NCOs. Each Cadre member provides valuable insight for future officers and ensures the quality of our training. You can learn more about our Cadre by viewing the links below: