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Uninstalling Symantec AntiVirus from Mac OS X

CAUTION: The steps in this process will leave you without antivirus protection. Make sure that you are not connected to the Internet while you perform the following procedure.

These are instructions for uninstalling Symantec AntiVirus from your Mac OS X computer.

  1. Close any open applications before you continue.

  2. Open your Macintosh HD, then select your Applications folder.

  3. In the Applications folder, locate the Symantec Solutions folder, and open it.
    symantec solutions folder icon

  4. In the Symantec Solutions folder, locate and open the icon titled Symantec Uninstaller (this icon may be titled Norton Uninstaller, depending on what version you have installed).
    symantec uninstaller icon

    If the Symantec Uninstaller program doesn't appear in your Symantec Solutions folder, you can download a copy from Symantec's Support Website.

  5. Follow the prompts in the Symantec Uninstaller program, and remove all Symantec products.

  6. When the program has been uninstalled, you will receive a confirmation message. Select OK.

  7. In some cases, you may receive a notice that there are no Symantec products available to uninstall. It is safe to ignore this error and close the Symantec Uninstaller program.

  8. Restart your computer.

If you have problems while performing these steps, contact the NC State Helpdesk for assistance.


Page last modified October 10, 2007 by helee2