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Curricular Connections

Bridging NC State Courses with the Arts

Each semester, the Arts Outreach office distributes the Curricular Connections Guide connecting academic courses at North Carolina State University with the semester's arts events, including Center Stage performances, a Crafts Center exhibition, Gregg Museum of Art & Design events and exhibitions, a Music Department concert, and University Theatre productions.


The intent of the publication is to engage NC State University faculty with ARTS NC STATE programs by forming meaningful, logical links between the substance of academic courses and the content of ARTS NC STATE events.


Engagement with the arts events can take the form of event attendance, pre- or post-concert discussions, lectures from program members, or in-class workshops with ARTS NC STATE faculty and student.


Arts Outreach Contact

For more information on the Curricular Connections Guide, ARTS NC STATE, or engagement opportunities, contact Amy Sawyers at And if you used this guide for your course(s), be sure to let us know about your experience!




Curricular Connections Guide (CCG)

We invite you to explore the guide and consider the possibilities it opens up for you and your students. For example, you may be inspired to:


- Encourage your students to attend an arts event.


- Provide extra credit for attendance.


- Utilize the performance as a resource to enhance your course instruction.


- Schedule an in-class discussion or lecture led by a visiting artist or an ARTS NC STATE faculty or staff member.

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