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The Biomathematics Graduate Program offers courses in mathematical biology, leading to Masters and Doctoral degrees.

The program covers a wide range of research areas, including neurobiology, physiology, ecology, infectious disease, toxicology, ...

The Biomathematics faculty is made up of members from Mathematics, Statistics and a wide range of departments in the Biological Sciences.


Image: HIV infected cell, overlaid with a mathematical model, similar to ones used by Biomath faculty members Banks and Lloyd, for the interaction between HIV and the cells of an infected person's immune system.
Photo credit: C. Goldsmith et al., obtained from the Public Health Image Library (CDC).

News! We are still accepting applications for Fall 2015!
Please see our admissions page and our admissions FAQ page.
Biomathematics is the leading program in the recently-awarded NSF Research Training Group grant Parameter Estimation Methodologies for Mechanistic Biological Models. Suitably qualified biomath applicants may be considered for generous fellowship support as part of this program.
Biomathematics is also a participating program in the NSF IGERT program, Genetic Engineering and Society: The Case of Transgenic Pests. Suitably qualified biomathematics applicants who wish to work in this area may be considered for fellowship support as part of the IGERT program.

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