NC State University Brand Guidelines

Our Work — Transformation  

NC State University engineers solutions, cultivates knowledge, advances research, produces leaders, invigorates the economy and creates a better, more connected world.

Our people, our place and our work transform lives in North Carolina, throughout the nation and across the globe.

The people

Our people motivate, inspire, cultivate, lead and challenge. They are passionate, relentless and genuine. NC State's people are a community, a family, a Wolfpack that celebrates transformation.

The place

NC State is a place of action, impact, relevance and substance. It is a place of transformation. It inspires discovery and creates life-changing memories. It evolves, develops, prepares, builds and changes. Our impact is global.

The work

NC State's work is practical, relevant, valuable, influential and transformational. We research, teach, build, create, discover, develop, engineer, solve, innovate, motivate and revolutionize. Our work creates solutions.