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125th Anniversary Brand Assets

To celebrate NC State University’s 125th anniversary and advance the anniversary theme of Tradition and Transformation, use this family of logos, templates and digital solutions to help you brand your communications, websites and presentations with celebratory style. Be sure to review the 125th brand guidelines (.pdf) so you have the knowledge you need to apply the anniversary brand consistently. This 125th family of items is specially themed for communications during March 7, 2012, to March 7, 2013, and it builds on the existing NC State brand. Anniversary brand guidelines function in addition to the standard brand guidelines viewable on this NC State brand website, with a few notable elements:

  • Additional placement options for the anniversary logo
  • Horizontal and vertical logo options
  • Multiple design templates

More design templates for various communication channels and mediums will be available throughout the yearlong anniversary celebration. If you have questions about how to use the assets, would like additional explanation of specific guidelines or if you would just like someone to review your design to provide pointers on implementing the 125th brand in the most effective ways, feel free to drop us an email:

Brand Book

Learn about how to apply the logo and overall anniversary tone (.pdf).

125 Brand Book Cover


Celebrate our history and our success by using our specially designed family of 125th logos (zip).

vertical 125 logo

Vertical Logo

125 anniversary horizontal logo

Horizontal Logo


Imagery created in a style used in many of the 125th marketing pieces, some campus imagery and photos from various 125th celebrations around campus. For more information about how to use PackPix, visit

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt studies Bardatella bacterium.

Web Brites

Reusable image brites that you can use on your website to help celebrate the anniversary and link to the university’s 125th anniversary website. Right-click these graphics to download them in .jpg format.

125th Picture Brite

125th brite black background vertical logo125th brite red background vertical logo

125th brite black background horizontal logo125th brite red background horizontal logo

Branding Bar

The NC State branding bar offers a simple way to connect thousands of NC State sites and let users know where they are at all times. This element must appear at the top (centered or left-aligned) of all official NC State Web sites and pages. No content of any kind may appear above this bar. The branding bar is available in various color combinations consistent with official university colors, but it may not be edited or altered in any way outside of the options presented when downloading. The standard anniversary branding bar can be generated in the below color combinations by using the configuration tool.

If you would like your site to have more prominent 125 imagery, you can choose a larger branding bar that includes the full 125th anniversary logo. Contact Web Communications at for instructions on how to implement this larger branding bar option.

Standard Anniversary Branding Bar

Standard Branding Bar Black Type on White Bar

Standard Branding Bar Red Type on White Bar

Standard Branding Bar White Text on Black Bar

Standard Branding Bar White Text on Red Background

Left-Aligned Search Banner Options

125 Black Brand Bar Left

125th Red Brand Bar Left Aligned

125th banner white on red left aligned

125th banner white on black left aligned

Right-Aligned Search Banner Options

125th banner black on white right aligned

125th banner red on white right aligned

125th banner white on red right aligned

125th brand strip white on black right aligned


Electronic letterhead for use during the anniversary year.

15th Anniversary letterhead


These presentation templates use our substitute font, Arial.

Center-Top Logo Template

125th Anniversary Top Logo PPT Template

Top-Left Logo Template

125th Anniversary Top Left PPT Template

Ad Template

This is a full-page ad template created in Adobe InDesign that you can provide to your professional designer and update with your information. There are five variations in the file, with places to add your own logos and suggestions for how to incorporate different types and amounts of information. You can swap the provided photo with your own photo and still maintain the red overlays.

NC State 125th Ad Template

Postcard Template

A postcard-size mailing template that you can provide to your designer in Adobe InDesign format. This template has built-in red overlays that you can place over your photography, and ithas instructions for how to keep your copy within mailing regulations.

125th Anniversary Postcard


Bronto Email Template

A Bronto email template that you can use for announcements throughout the year.

125th Bronto E-mail Template

Mobile Website Banners

Brand your mobile application with one of four color combination banners. Colors available are white logo on red, white logo on black, red logo on white and black logo on white. Compressed file contains all four .png files. This banner needs to link to

Facebook Covers

For use with Facebook’s “Timeline” feature. (NOTE: the stylized belltower should NOT be used as a profile picture/avatar.)

Twitter Backgrounds

For use on a Twitter feed page. (NOTE: the stylized belltower should NOT be used as a profile picture/avatar.)


For use as a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone wallpaper.
desktop wallpapers