Bronto E-mail Templates

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All templates are designed to incorporate a branded header, a Photoshop template is available from Web Communications.

All text and image areas are editable, and if a field is not filled, it will simply not appear when the e-mail is sent. Photoshop templates are provided to properly format all images for their corresponding template.

All templates will display the contact information associated with the Bronto account in the footer, a statement about which e-mail address the correspondence was sent to and a link allowing recipients to change their e-mail address or unsubscribe. This information must be included on each e-mail.

Contact Web Communications at to obtain the Bronto and Photoshop Templates.


Newsletter Template
An e-mail newsletter should be seen as a tool to drive viewers to content located on the Web (i.e. department or university news sites). There is one top story area with a place for a large picture, headline, teaser copy and link to the full story. The four smaller sections all offer editable images, headlines, teaser copy and links to the full story. The template is not designed to accommodate more than two short sentences per story. There are four different Photoshop templates that can be used to create the different image sizes.

The gray box offers an area for a dean or department head’s photo as well as a headline and message. Above the gray box are editable anchor links which link to each of the four sections. The headline, text and link at the bottom of the gray box are also editable.


Invitation Template
This invitation template offers an easy way to customize an e-mail to promote an event. The image and headline can be customized to fit the event.

More detailed copy can be included below the headline in black type. The time and location should be in red type.

Information about the event should be included in the black type below the location, with the most important information first. RSVP contact information should also be included.

The second image can be a map or another image, and there are Photoshop templates for the top and bottom image areas for easy formatting.


Faculty Announcement
The faculty announcement template provides an editable area for a headline and text block. A photo can be included and easily sized using the Photoshop template. A link to more information can also be added at the bottom of the template.