Logo Guidelines

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The Brick


This is the logo for use in all branding materials or communications from or about the university. Examples include letterhead, business cards, print ads, university collateral, admissions documents, direct mail, television commercials, videos, Web sites and more. Guidelines for how to use this version have been established to maintain consistency and are detailed on this site.

Colleges, departments, units and organizations within the university should not create any new logos. If you have a question about your unit logo, contact University Communications.

Clear Space Requirements

The x-height of the brick logo is based on the height of the N in NC STATE. No design elements, type or photos should come any closer to the logo than ½ x. The actual distance of x will change depending on how large the logo is scaled.



The red rectangle and type should always be kept in proper proportion to maintain the integrity of the logo. Always use the approved logo files and use only vector files of the logo when printing. Never try to recreate the logos yourself, but if you need to scale the logo, always constrain proportions so the height and width are scaled together. To maintain the correct proportions of the brick logo, always hold down the shift key as you drag the corner to increase or decrease its size.


The brick logo should not appear smaller than 1 3/8″ in any printed material, or 100 pixels wide on screen.


Color Options

There are two approved color options. One is red (PMS 186) and white.


The other is a black and white version.


The red and white version should be used whenever color is available. Use the primary brick logo with the red background whenever possible.

Materials should be designed with the brick as the primary logo. It should work with most backgrounds, including solid colors and photographs. In certain cases, the type can be pulled out of the brick and used as red, white or black logotype.

For all university communications, the logo should be placed in the upper-left corner ¼” to ¾” from the edges of the page. The logo should never be placed against the edge of the page as a bleed because when the page is trimmed the logo is often cropped disproportionately, violating the logo standards.

The NC State logo should always appear on the cover of any piece of communication.


Contact University Communications at ncstatebrand@ncsu.edu for permission to place the brick in an alternate location. The top left location is sometimes problematic for video and print advertising purposes, but should pose no problems for general collateral creation.