Black and White Photography

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Styles to Follow

Color photography should be used whenever possible, but if color printing is not an option, black and white photography should be used. Proper lighting and simple composition are even more important to remember when choosing which photos work better in black and white. It’s particularly important that these photos have adequate contrast and do not look gray or muddy.


Styles to Avoid
Not all photos that look good in color are appropriate for black and white. If you are unable to find a black and white photo in our database that fits your needs, do not just print color photos in black and white. You must convert the photos to black and white first using photo editing software. This will allow you to adjust the contrast or levels until there is a distinction between the blacks and whites. Stay away from photos that are dark and don’t have varying values within them. These images will not reproduce well in black and white. Photos that are too bright or washed out also don’t work well.