Primary Typeface

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Univers Family
The primary typeface for NC State is Univers. This typeface is considered a versatile sans serif workhorse. The structure of the typeface is simple so it’s easy to read, but it maintains an elegantly modern feel that adds a level of sophistication to the design. It was designed as a full system of fonts with a range of weights for almost any typographical need.

Univers Condensed is the preferred typeface and should be used whenever possible. Long form copy, however, may be harder to read in Univers Condensed. Univers may be a better option in these cases. Body copy can be set at 9 to 14 point, but 9 point is standard for long form copy. Headlines or headings should be at least 2 points larger than body copy.

Typefaces are readily available for purchase online at various sites such as, linotype or myfonts.