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Branding Bar Configuration (SSL)

The NC State branding bar offers a simple way to connect thousands of NC State sites and let users know where they are at all times. This element must appear at the top (centered or left-aligned) of all official NC State Web sites and pages. No content of any kind may appear above this bar. The branding bar is available in various color combinations consistent with official university colors, but it may not be edited or altered in any way outside of the options presented when downloading.

The branding bar may not be required for certain entities' operating under unique circumstances. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Web Communication will provide support for the branding strip but will rely on the internal Web or IT staff of each college, unit or other entity to implement the strip. For implementation or exception questions, e-mail Web Communication.


Use this form to configure the utility bar options best suited for your site. Once configured, choose "Submit" to generate the necessary code for the branding strip. Once generated, you can preview the strip in a new browser window by selecting "preview." Copy and paste the resulting code into the appropriate section of your Web site's templates and/or pages. The strip code can be placed at the top of the <body> section of the site, or inside the site's wrapper, as long as no content appears above the strip.

Site URL: Use this option to identify the URL for the site on which you intend to use the branding strip. Enter the domain for your website here. Ex: Do not include "httpS://" in the URL.

Entering a URL into this area will enable the search toggle feature of the strip, allowing users to select the "search" link and then choose to search only the site identified by the URL entered here, or search all of If you choose to leave this section blank, the "search" link will deliver users to

Color: Choose the color combination best suited for your site's design. The options presented here are the only approved color combinations.

Centered: Choose "yes" for a centered branding strip and "no" for a left-aligned branding strip.

* Required

Utility Bar Information