Brand Phrases

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Every form of communication offers an opportunity to reinforce NC State’s brand. Beyond following the visual and style guidelines, you can incorporate these short, powerful sentences into almost any form of communication.

These brand phrases are not required elements, so don’t overuse them and don’t try to fit them in if they aren’t working. But in certain instances, they may offer quick sound bites for speeches, headers for PowerPoint slides or they could even be used on promotional materials such as T-shirts or bumper stickers.

Do not use these brand phrases as taglines, sign-offs in advertising or locked-up with the logo. A tagline is one specific phrase that is associated with a brand.

What will you invent today?

Question the answers.

The autobahn of innovation.

Tomorrow better think fast.
Because we’re thinking faster.

Think out loud.

Where genius awaits but never waits.

There’s only one wrong answer.
Having one answer.