campus police

The safety of the entire NC State community is a top priority. Campus police patrol the campus 24 hours a day by vehicle and bike, on foot and on horseback. Safety escorts are provided after dark, and there are more than 400 blue-light emergency telephones throughout the campus. The department has a staff of 68 full-time employees; 56 are sworn police officers. The NC State police department is one of the few university police departments in the country accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

The department offers a range of educational services, including bicycle safety and registration, the WolfGuard ID program, self-defense for women, and other services to assist the students, staff, and faculty in maintaining a safe and secure environment at NC State University.

Crime alert

Whenever there is a serious threat on campus, campus police send broadcast e-mail crime alerts to students and employees and post the alerts on the Crime Alert web site.

Emergency procedures

To report an emergency, dial 911 or activate one of the many blue-light telephone boxes on campus. Read more about how to be better prepared and to get help in an emergency.


Environmental Health and Public Safety sponsors several seminars and can meet with student and employee organizations to discuss safety procedures.

Blue-light telephone map

More than 400 blue-light emergency telephones are located throughout campus. View a map of the blue-light call boxes.

Anonymous reporting

If you think you have information about a crime, let campus police know with the online form.


Counseling and crisis intervention resources are available.