Central Campus Creative Services Building (TV Studio) (CSB) 1220 Varsity Dr, built 1953 Jane S. McKimmon Extension Education Center (MCK) 1101 Gorman St, built 1976 Weed Control Lab Greenhouses Greenhouses - Unit 2 Greenhouses - Unit 4 Greenhouses - Unit 3 Greenhouses - Unit 1 Weed Control Lab (WCL) 3121 Ligon St, built 1968 Headhouse - Unit 4 (Building 174)(GH4) 3141 Ligon St, built 1983 Headhouse - Unit 3 (Building 173)(GH3) 3131 Ligon St, built 1981 Headhouse - Unit 2 (Building 172) (GH2) 840 Method Rd, built 1969 Headhouse - Unit 1 (Building 171)(GH1) 830 Method Rd, built 1981 E.S. King Village Student Health Services Center (SHC) 2815 Cates Ave, built 1998First Year Commons (FYC) 2751 Cates Ave, built 2007 Cates Avenue Steam Plant and Addition (CAH) 2811 Cates Ave, first built 1974 Reynolds Coliseum (COL) 2411 Dunn Ave, built 1949 Weaver Labs (WAB) 3110 Faucette Dr Bragaw Residence Hall (BRA) 210 Dan Allen Dr, built 1958 West to Cary, I-440 Pullen Park To Downtown Raleigh! Click here to view Centennial Campus map Rocky Branch Creek Clark Hall (CH) 221 Jensen Dr, built 1939 Berry Residence Hall (BER) 2211 Dunn Ave, built 1938 Honors Village Commons (HVC) 2221 Dunn Ave, built 2005 Bagwell Residence Hall (BAG) 2201 Dunn Ave, built 1938 Becton Residence Hall (BEC) 2231 Dunn Ave, built 1938 Frank Thompson Theater Sullivan Residence Hall Cates Avenue (Coliseum) Parking Deck 201 Jeter Dr Case Academic Center (CAC) 240 Jeter Dr, built1971 Owen Residence Hall (OWN) 2720 Cates Ave, built 1947 Hodges Wood Products Lab NCSU Bookstores (BKS) 2521 Dunn Ave, built 1959The Free Expression Tunnel provides a wheelchair accessible connection between North and Central Campus Carmichael Gymnasium and Willis Casey Natatorium (CG) 2611 Cates Ave, original building built 1961Carmichael Gymnasium and Willis Casey Natatorium (CG) 2611 Cates Ave, original building built 1961 Talley Student Center (TSC) 2610 Cates Ave, built 1972 NCSU Bookstores (BKS) 2521 Dunn Ave, built 1959 Schaub Food Science Building (SFS)  400 Dan Allen Dr, built 1968 Witherspoon Student Center (WSC) 2810 Cates Ave, built 1991 Price Music Center (PMC) 2620 Cates Ave, built 1972 Turlington Residence Hall (TUR) 2710 Cates Ave, built 1938 Jordan Hall (JOR) 2800 Faucette Dr, built 1989 Jordan Hall Addition (JHA) 2720 Faucette Dr, built 2007 Paul Derr Track and Wolfpack Soccer Field, 2485 Cates AveDail Softball Stadium (WSC) 2505 Cates Ave, built 2007 Pullen Hall (PUL) 201 Dan Allen Dr, built 1987 Pulp and Paper Labs (PPL) 431 Dan Allen Dr, built1991 Alexander Residence Hall (AEX) 2700 Cates Ave, built 1938 Click here to view the North Campus Map Robertson Wing (BI) 2820 Faucette Dr Fountain Dining Hall Doak Baseball Field at Dail Park, 1081 Varsity Dr, comprehensive renovation 2004, GO PACK!JW Isenhour Tennis Complex (JWT) 1080 Varsity Dr, built 2004 West Dunn Building Lee Residence Hall Harris Hall (HRH) 2831 Thurman Dr, built 1963 Weisiger-Brown (WB) 2500 Warren Carroll Dr, original construction 1882 Wolfline Bus Stop Administrative Service Center I (ASC) 2711 Sullivan Dr, built 1986 Carroll Residence Hall (CAR) 2801 Thurman Dr, built 1968 Wood Residence Hall (WD1) 2531 Warren Carroll Dr, built 1983Wood Residence Hall Building B (WD2) 2531 Warren Carroll Dr, built 1983Wood Residence Hall building (WD3) 2541 Warren Carroll Dr, built 1983 Bowen Residence Hall (BOW) 2821 Thurman Dr, built 1968 Tucker Residence Hall (TUC) 2800 Cates Ave, built 1947 Biltmore Hall (BI) 2820 Faucette Dr, built 1970 Metcalf Residence Hall (MET) 2811 Thurman Dr, built 1968 Grinnells Animal Health Lab (GHL) 3200 Faucette Dr, built 1953 Butler Communications Building (BUT) 3210 Faucette Dr, built 1998 Environmental Safety Center (EHS) 2620 Wolf Village Way, built 1994 Administrative Services III (SSC) 2701 Sullivan Dr, built 2004 Public Safety Center 2610 Wolf Village WayJoyner Visitor Center and Advancement Services Building (VAS) 1010 Varsity Dr, built 2005 Wolf Village Apartments Motor Pool Dispatch Building and Sullivan Buildings 621 Motor Pool St Administrative Services Center I (UG) 2721 Sullivan Dr, built 1974 Library Satellite Shelving Facility (LSF) 2731 Sullivan Dr, built 1970George Worsley Administrative Services Complex includes the Administrative Services Buildings I, II, and III Method Road Soccer Field Carmichael Recreation Center (CGA) 410 Morrill Dr, built 2007