College of Veterinary Medicine Reproductive Physiology Lab Bull Barn Cattle and Swine Pens Storage Building RPRL Randall B. Terry, Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital CVM Research Building Parking Deck - CBC West Dairy Barn East Dairy Barn Milking Parlor Vet School Unit 1 Finger Barn 1 Vet School Unit 2 Finger Barn 2 Vet School Unit 3 Finger Barn 3 Vet School Unit 4 Finger Barn 4 Vet School Unit 5 Finger Barn 5 TAU Poultry House Farrowing House TAU Finishing House Storage Building Gestation Breeding House Grounds Shop Teaching Animal Unit Woodchuck Facility Freshwater Fish House Pig House Poultry House Fish House Canine Facility I Canine Facility II Oyster Research Facility Storage Building CVM Annex Click here to view stadium/arena map NC State University Club Click here to view North Campus JC Raulston Arboretum Method Road Soccer Complex  Go State! E.S. King Village

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Materials Management Warehouse