New students arrive on campus each year and have limited knowledge of the employers who hire them. This is an opportunity for you! We've identified several recruiting activities that will increase your visibility with students.

  • Hire students 
    Create positive P.R. for your organization by hiring students students as interns, externs and co-ops who return to campus and share their positive experience with others.

  • Use ePACK
    Gain access to ePACK, NC State's most visible system for all majors. Post internships and entry-level jobs, search the database for potential candidates, arrange on-campus interviews and schedule information sessions. 

  • Use social media
    Since students use social media in their search, include URLs to your organization's accounts in ePACK and other venues.
  • Attend career fairs
    Be visible to a wide range of students by meeting them personally at career fairs, scheduled each semester. Invite students to stop by your booth!