Use these resources to help you find potential employers and opportunities.

  • Career fairs:  Plan to attend at least one career fair each semester @ NC State. 
  • ePACK:  Update your ePACK account each semester and participate fully.  ePACK is NC State's #1 source for internships, entry-level jobs and employer contacts. Be in the system when employers search the database of resumes!
  • Student organizations:  Connect with members of your professional, honors, community or social organizations. Seek their advice and suggestions!
  • Faculty & staffTap into the expertise of faculty and staff. Meet to discuss your career interests and job search. Hear their insights about job trends in your field.

  • Social media:   41% of May 2012 grads used social media for their search [NACE]. Update your Facebook status or Twitter timeline with info about your search.  New graduates try LinkedIn, a professional networking site. Brand yourself well to survive a google search!
  • Career Shift: Use tools to search, save and organize publicly available job postings and employer contacts. Sort for NC State alumni!
  • eLeads: Use this database of employer contacts in fields of interest to CHASS, Design, Management and Natural Resources majors to inquire directly about potential opportunties. 
  • Select sites: Use a sampling of sites selected by CDC staff.
  • Company websites:  Follow instructions carefully, use keywords found in the job description, and update your profile to remain a "current" job seeker.
  • Alumni contacts:  Relocating to a specific city?  Try the alumni network.  Looking for alumni associated with specific organizations?  Use Career Shift within ePACK or alumni directory through the Alumni Association.