Choose professional for your first impression!

Traditional interview attire
Conservative and appropriate when seeking an entry-level job. If the employer or your field is less formal, bring it down a notch, always erring on the safe side.

      Dark suit with white (or light color) long sleeved shirt and tie. Example: charcoal grey suit, white shirt, dark red tie with subtle design. Dark socks to match slacks, dark shoes. A less conservative choice would be navy blazer with khakis, white shirt and tie.   

      Dark suit (slacks or skirt) with tailored top or a classic style dress. Dark shoes, dark socks to match slacks or natural color stockings with dress or skirt.  Low to medium heel shoes. A less conservative choice would be dark slacks or skirt with tailored top.

Business casual
One notch down from traditional attire when seeking an internship or co-op
and when attending a social event or reception sponsored by an employer. 

Men: Slacks with or without jacket, long sleeved shirt, with or without tie.
Women: Dark slacks with tailored top. 

Grooming & accessories
Details count -- fresh haircut (if it's been awhile), shower, shave, brush teeth, trim nails, no fragrance, conservative accessories. Know what not to wear? Not sure how to tie a tie?

Where to shop
Local options to help you assemble your interview attire.
Purchase the best quality you can within your budget.

$$$ -- Jos. Banks, Ann Taylor & Talbots, Cameron Village
$$ -- Belk, Crabtree Valley Mall
$ -- Bargain Box, Cameron Village & Goodwill, North Raleigh