handling no gpa

As an incoming freshman, transfer, or graduate student – your GPA in Registration & Records is 0.0 until completion of your first semester.  You undoubtedly have a few questions.

  • How do I address GPA on my resume? 
  • How will I qualify to apply for jobs or interviews in ePACK?

On your resume
We suggest that you leave GPA blank and not estimate, since it cannot be backed up by transcript.  Instead, address your current performance in an email or cover letter.  Do include the GPA from other institutions on -- H.S., transfer, or previous degree.  This gives the reader a good idea of your potential at NC State.

If you are unable to apply for jobs or interviews in ePACK because of a GPA requirement, we have two suggestions.

  • When contact information is available in ePACK -- email the employer and state your interest in the opportunity.  Attach a copy of your resume.  This leaves the decision in the hands of the employer. 
  • When contact information is not available in ePACK -- consult your career counselor to discuss the best option available.