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Unity ID

* * * * Need your password or Unity ID? Contact the NC State Help Desk during business hours. * * * *

Each person affiliated with NC State University is assigned a Unity account, along with a Unity ID and password:

  • Each new student receives his or her Unity ID and initial (default) password upon acceptance at NC State but no later than the end of New Student Orientation. These are usually delivered through the student's WolfPaw account, created online during the admission application process.
  • New faculty and staff members receive their Unity ID and initial (default) password when they are hired.

You can also find out your Unity ID by contacting the NC State Help Desk at 515-HELP(4357). You may also see this ID referred to as Unity username, user id or login id.

Is my Unity ID the same as my Campus ID number?

No. Your Unity ID has 8 or fewer characters, usually all letters (see below), and is used to access computing resources on campus. Your Campus ID is the 9-digit number that follow the letters "NCSU" on your All Campus Card and is used in many ways. For a comparison of these and other IDs used at NC State, see the Overview of IDs.

How is my Unity ID created?

Your Unity ID has 8 or fewer characters and is automatically generated from your name in a two-step procedure:

  1. A string of letters is created using the initials of your first and middle names and the first six letters of your last name, all in lower case.
  2. If this string matches one previously created for someone else, the last letter will be replaced with or followed by a numeral. Here are some examples:
  • George William Abernathy's Unity ID would be "gwaberna."
  • Mary Jones Smith's would be "mjsmith."
  • Melissa Jane Smith's (if created after the previous example) would be "mjsmith2."

How can I find out my Unity ID?

If you don't know your Unity ID, it may be frustrating or time-consuming to try guessing it, since it might contain a numeral. Contact the NC State Help Desk during normal business hours if you need help determining it.

What can I do with my Unity ID?

Using your Unity ID together with your password, you can:

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