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Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy


Courses, Programs & Degrees

CEnREP faculty are engaged in teaching a variety of natural resource and environmental policy courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. A field specialization in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics is available through the PhD program in Economics.

Undergraduate Courses:

ARE336, Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics

Graduate Courses:

ECG590, Dynamic Environmental and Resource Management (*NEW*)

ECG515, Environmental and Resource Policy (MA-level course)

ECG715, Environmental and Resource Economics (PhD-level course)

ECG716, Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics (PhD-level course)

In addition to courses at NCSU, graduate students at NCSU, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill may take courses at the other two institutions at no additional cost.  PhD students interested in natural resource and environmental economics from Duke and UNC are frequently enrolled in ECG715 and ECG716, fostering a community among the students in the Triangle region. 

Graduate students also regularly participate in Camp Resources and attend the Triangle Resource and Environmental Economics Seminar Series with faculty.  CEnREP also sponsors a bi-monthly luncheon colloquium in which faculty and students with interests in environmental and resource economics informally present research to receive early feedback on their projects.

CEnREP Affiliated Graduate Students

Student Placement

Undergraduate students who have worked with CEnREP faculty have gone on to graduate programs at NCSU and the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in a variety of fields including

Past graduate students and post-doctoral researchers affiliated with CEnREP have accepted positions at:

* Post-doctoral positions

Student Opportunities

Doctoral candidates engage with CEnREP faculty in current research projects, many of which fund the student's progress toward their degree or fund the data collection necessary for their dissertation work.

In addition, graduate students affiliated with CEnREP have received funding directly through the USDA National Needs Fellowship, the National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, the NCSU Alumni Fellowship Award, the Department of Housing and Urban Development Doctoral Dissertation Grant, and the Benjamin Stevens Graduate Fellowship administered by the Regional Science Association. Graduate students have also received PERC Summer Interships.

Doctoral students also have opportunities for teaching in the department of agricultural and resource economics and the department of economics, and CEnREP affiliated students have taught ARE336: Introduction to Environmental Policy.

CEnREP also provides office space and computing facilities within the CEnREP suite for a limited number of students engaged in, and funded by, CEnREP activities.