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Center for Environmental and Resource Economic Policy



Camp Resources

outerbanksCamp Resources is a summer workshop sponsored by US Environmental Protection Agency which provides an opportunity for graduate students and young professionals to discuss research in early stages. 
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CEnREP Bi-monthly Luncheon Colloquium


Lunch Colloquium provides faculty and students with interests in environmental and resource economics an informal, ongoing forum in which they can present research to receive early feedback on their projects.

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ReNeWS is a campus-wide community-of-water handspractice that works to create a systems-level understanding of water issues and their innovative solutions. ReNeWS will blend the current collection of water researchers across NC State into a community of scholars, with the goal of developing solutions that are technically sound, practically implementable, and politically, socially, economically, and aesthetically tenable.   

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Specialized Workshops

CEnREP also hosts a number of specialized workshops to provide leadership in outreach programs that advise and train policymakers and practitioners working in environmental and natural resource management.

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treeTriangle Resource and Environmental Economics (TREE) hosts prominent domestic and international researchers to present current research in environmental and natural resource economics.  CEnREP partners with RTI International and Duke University to present the TREE seminars.

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