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Nearly Lear

Nearly Lear

Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 8pm

Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 2pm

Titmus Theatre


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What if the great and tragic story of King Lear were to be told by the King’s closest companion? Seen through the eyes of Lear’s devoted clown, Norris, the story becomes not only poignant and tragic, but also mischievous, tender and achingly funny.


Susanna Hamnett plays Norris who, in good Shakespearean tradition, is actually Noreen disguised as a boy. Borrowing generously from “that guy William Shakespeare’s” play, and helping herself liberally to his glorious language, she mixes sorrow and concern at the tragic nature of what she has to relate with her own infectious delight at playing out the characters and situations that have been so close to her heart.


Nearly Lear confounds expectations of what a Shakespeare play should be, and uses exuberant storytelling, music, song and film, as well as Shakespeare’s rich poetic text to take its audience firmly into the heart of this great story.


Following performances at NC State, Nearly Lear moves on to an extensive tour of the UK, followed by a run at the New Victory Theater in New York in January 2011, and the Sydney Opera House in April 2011.


Check out a short, fun video on the New Victory Theater site.


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