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Ora Gelley

Assistant Professor, English

Office: 280 Tompkins; 515-0364

Dr. Ora Gelley joined the NCSU Film Studies faculty in the fall 2008 semester, teaching Italian National Cinema and Film History to 1940.  Dr. Gelley holds a Ph.D. in English (cinema and media studies emphasis) from the University of Chicago with post-doctoral teaching experience at Dartmouth College, Tulane University, and Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.  Her teaching interests include Italian, German, French, Turkish, and Dutch Cinema; Stardom in Hollywood and Europe; Film Theory; Women and Film; Holocaust Representation; and Film and Literature.  Her work has been published in Film Studies, Critical Inquiry, Film Criticism, and Cinema Journal.  Ora received a stipend grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in the summer of '09 to do research in Rome for her book Ingrid Bergman in Rossellini’s Italy: Stardom and the Politics of Neorealism.

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Marsha Gordon

Associate Professor, English

Office: 257 Tompkins; 515-4164

Since joining the film studies faculty in 2002, Marsha Gordon has taught courses in Women & Film, 1950s American Film, Studio Era Hollywood, Warner Bros. in the Golden Age, Cinema Stylists: Nicholas Ray, Douglas Sirk, Sam Fuller, The Musical, History of Film to 1940, African American Film, International Crime Film, Introduction to Film, and Film & Literature. Her research interests include stardom and movie fan culture through the studio era; the birth and decline of the Hollywood studio system; Sam Fuller, Ida Lupino, and other independent filmmakers of the 1940s and 1950s; orphan films, especially of the educational variety; and the intersections between film and other art forms, such as literature.

Dr. Gordon is the author of Hollywood Ambitions: Celebrity in the Movie Age (2008) and numerous articles in such journals as The Velvet Light Trap, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Film Quarterly, Cinema Journal, and The Moving Image. She is the co-editor of Learning With the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States, (Oxford University Press, 2012). Dr. Gordon also co-edits The Moving Image (University of Minnesota Press), the Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists.

Sample syllabi & Dr. Gordon's CV
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Andrea Mensch

Senior Lecturer, English
Office: G116 Tompkins; (919) 515-5026

Professor Mensch has taught a variety of courses such as Introduction to Film, Writing about Film, Literature and Film, History of Film since 1940, and Academic Writing and Research since joining the NCSU English Department in 1993. She has also taught courses in literature and film in London and Prague under the auspices of the NCSU Study Abroad Program. Her specialties include European Cinema with a particular emphasis on German Cinema. She is the co-editor of the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to German Cinema (2012).

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Andrea Mensch's web page for Writing About Film
Introduction to Film

Introduction to Film Q


Devin Orgeron

Associate Professor, English

Director of Film Studies
Office: 226 Tompkins; 515-0262

Professor Devin Orgeron teaches courses in Film Theory, Film History Since 1940, The New American Director, International Film and Realism, Documentary, and The French New Wave. He also teaches a range of director-focused courses covering filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, François Truffaut, Howard Hawks, and the Coen Brothers. Dr. Orgeron researches and writes about cinema and mechanical mobility; cinematic masculinity; contemporary American cinema; film authorship; realism; advertising and commercial images; educational films; and postmodernity. He also collects, shows, and writes about home movies from the 1940s-1960s.

Dr. Orgeron is the author of Road Movies: From Muybridge and Melies to Lynch and Kiarostami (2007). His articles have appeared in Cinema Journal, The Velvet Light Trap, The Moving Image, The Journal of Film and Video, CineAction, College Literature, Post Script, and Film Quarterly. He is the co-editor of Learning With the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States, (Oxford University Press, 2012). Dr. Orgeron also co-edits The Moving Image (University of Minnesota Press), the Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists.

Sample Syllabi & Dr. Orgeron's CV
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Tom Wallis

Senior Lecturer, English
Office: G116 Tompkins; (919) 515-5026

Professor Wallis has taught film studies at NCSU since 1994. His interests include directors Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch, film sound, and films of the 1970s. He has published an essay on Ken Russell's Tommy and is the co-author, with our former head of film studies Maria Pramaggiore, of Film: A Critical Introduction (3rd edition, 2011). He was named the Outstanding Lecturer in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2010-11.
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Jim Alchediak

Senior Lecturer, Communication
Office: 101-A Winston Hall; (919) 515-9740

Professor Alchediak has taught a variety of media courses since joining the Communication Department in 1979. An active educational video producer, his geography series Living in Our World has been distributed internationally. Professor Alchediak regularly teaches Digital Video Production (Com 357) and Advanced Video Production (Com 437). 

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Wilton Barnhardt

Director of Creative Writing and Associate Professor, English
Office: 276 Tompkins; (919) 515-4129

Dr. Barnhardt is the author of three novels (Show World, Gospel, and Emma Who Saved My Life) and numerous short stories and essays. He teaches screenwriting (Eng 433) and advanced screenwriting (Eng 492).

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Patrick FitzGerald

Associate Professor, Art & Design
Office: 276 Tompkins; (919) 515-4129

Professor FitzGerald's multimedia work has been exhibited across the United States and Japan. As director of the IntelliMedia Initiative for the College of Design at NCSU, FitzGerald's research and teaching span the full range of multimedia production, from digital video to interactive 3D animation.  Professor FitzGerald has received national and international awards for his digital illustrations. He teaches Digital Imaging (ADN 219) and an Animation Seminar (ADN 289).

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Nathaniel Isaacson

Assistant Professor,
Foreign Languages and Literatures

Nathaniel Isaacson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, where he teaches courses in Chinese language, Chinese cultural studies, literature and cinema. His research interests include Chinese science fiction, intellectual history, and visual culture. Nathaniel's current research focuses on science fiction cinema and cultural production in the post-Mao era. His forthcoming article, "Media and Messages: Blurred Visions of Nation and Science in 'Death Ray on a Coral Island,'" which examines the many media incarnations of Tong Enzheng's post-socialist Sci-Fi thriller, will appear in Simultaneous Worlds: Global Science Fiction Cinema.

Send e-mail to Professor Isaacson

Jorge Mari

Associate Professor,
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Office: Withers 217

Dr. Marí's research has focused mostly on 20th & 21st-centuries Spanish cultural studies and Spanish cinema, as well as intermedial studies (film-lit interactions) and Spain-U.S. relations. He is the author of Lecturas espectaculares (2003), a book on the manifestations of cinema in the contemporary Spanish novel, and has recently co-edited Ventanas sobre el Atlántico (2011), a volume of essays on the political, artistic, and cultural relations of Spain and the U.S.A. Dr. Marí has taught at Duke University and at the Université de Lyon (France) and has lectured internationally on Spanish culture, literature, and Trans- Atlantic cinemas (Spanish, Latin American, and U.S.). He has been a member of the organizing committee of the Latin American Film & Video festival of North Carolina since 1997. He is currently working on a volume on contemporary Spanish Thriller & Horror films.

Visit Dr. Mari's website
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Mark Millhone

Mark Millhone has taught all aspects of screen craft including directing, digital editing, and acting for film at a number of film programs including New York University, Columbia University, and the NYFA Summer Program in Florence, Italy. He holds an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University where his student film, Christmas in New York, won the Academy Award for Best Student Film. His most recent film is the sci-fi feature Universal Squadrons which premiered at the Comic-Con Film Festival and is being distributed by Archstone/Maverick Entertainment. In addition to his work in film, Mark Millhone is also a magazine columnist and book author. His recent memoir, The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances, was published by Rodale Books.

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Joseph Palis

Teaching Assistant Professor, International Studies
Office: 106C, 1911 Building; (919) 515-0451

Originally from the Philippines, Joseph Palis has been teaching in the International Studies Program since spring 2010. He completed his doctoral degree in cultural geography focused on cinematic-geographies. Dr Palis’ research includes the cinematic traditions and histories of archipelagic Southeast Asian countries as they relate to identity and national narratives, American empire-building in early cinema, and new cartographies in transnational cinema. He teaches Modern Asian Cinema for the NCSU-Film Studies Program.

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Sarah Stein

Associate Professor, Communication
Office: 201 Winston ; (919) 515-2450

Prior to joining the faculty at NCSU in 1995, Dr. Stein worked in documentary filmmaking for 25 years and has edited a number of award winning films, including two that won Academy Awards and one that won an Emmy. She has taught film production at NYU's film school and at the University of Iowa.  Dr. Stein regularly teaches Introduction to Film Production (Com 344), which is a requirement for Film Studies majors.
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