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Academic Study of Religion Club

Through a series of lectures, colloquia, and field trips the Academic Study of Religion Club (ASRC) provides a forum for the discussion of topics and issues related to the study of religion. Events are held on a monthly basis and are open to all students interested in exploring the field of Religious Studies. The president of the club is Courtney Smith and the faculty advisers are Dr. Anna Bigelow and Dr. Levi McLaughlin. The ASRC's home page is at http://ncsu.orgsync.com/org/academicstudyofreligion.


Public Lectures on Religious Studies

The Department sponsors public lectures on a wide range of topics through the Religious Studies Colloquium Series.


Upcoming Lectures and Events

Unless otherwise indicated, lectures listed below are in the Religious Studies Colloquium Series.

Michael Stone (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "Ancient Jewish Esotericism: Some Reflections," 4:30 p.m., Monday, April 28, Withers Hall, Room 331


Recent Lectures and Events

Unless otherwise indicated, lectures listed below were in the Religious Studies Colloquium Series.


Anthony Petro (Boston University), "Protest Religion! ACT UP, AIDS, and the Politics of Religious Freedom," April 10

Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Reception, March 5

Heather White (Burke Scholar at Columbia University Theological Library), "The Talking Text: How the Bible Came to Speak about Homosexuality," February 20

Jolyon Thomas (Princeton), "Manga, Anime, and Religion in Contemporary Japan," November 12

Ian Ward (University of Maryland), "Solidarity in a Secular Age: Religion, Democracy, and the Work of  Citizenship," September 12


Edward J. Blum (San Diego State University), " 'He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman': The Color of Christ in the Twentieth Century of America," April 15

Catherine Higgs (University of Tennessee, Knoxville and National Humanities Center), "Sisters for Justice: Catholic Activism in Apartheid South Africa," March 26 (organized by the International Studies Program and co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Reception, February 27

Paul Harvey (University of Colorado Colorado Springs), "Suffering Saint: Jesus in the South," October 18


John Lardas Modern (Franklin and Marshall), "Ghosts: Considerations Pertaining to Life, Love, Happiness, and the Study of Religion," March 14

Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Reception, February 29

Eric Greene (California, Berkeley), "Visions of Karma: Meditation and Repentance in Fifth-Century Chinese Buddhism," January 25

Levi McLaughlin (Wofford and Iowa), "Challenging the Parameters of 'Religion': Considering Sōka Gakkai in Postwar Japan," January 23

Michael Allen (Harvard), "Can We Think Our Way to Liberation?: Philosophy and Religious Practice in Late Advaita Vedanta," January 18

Bart Scott (Montana State), "Looking for Luther in Colonial India: On Protestant Hinduism's Technologies of the Soul," January 11

Jason Stevens (Harvard), "Contending Secularizations: Religion and American Film, 1934-2004," November 3

William Adler (NC State), "Retelling the Bible in Byzantium," September 15 (organized by the Middle East Studies Program)


Jennifer Knust (Boston University), "Unprotected Texts: The Bible's Surprising Contradictions about Sex and Desire" (a lecture based on the speaker's recent book, Unprotected Texts), April 20

David Morgan (Duke University), "Visual Economies of the Sacred," March 31

Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Awards Reception, March 16

Sean McCloud (University of North Carolina - Charlotte), "The Depraved, the Degenerate, and the Unevolved: Explaining Religious Preferences in the Age of Eugenics, 1905-1934," November 11

Matthew V. Novenson (NC State), "Tradition and Circumstance in Jewish Messianism," September 23


Arjia Rinpoche (Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center):

"Tibetan Chinese Relations in the 21st Century," March 22 (Co-sponsored by the Department of History)

"Surviving the Dragon," March 22

Nellie van Doorn-Harder (Wake Forest University), "Protest through Pictures: Gendered Forms of Coptic Visual Culture," March 1

Michael Stone (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "Visions and Religious Experience in Ancient Judaism," February 9

Bart Ehrman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Is the New Testament Forged? Reflections on the Authors of the Christian Scriptures," November 11


Kathryn Lofton (Yale), "The Oprahfication of Obama," April 9

Priscilla Wald (Duke), "Clones, Chimeras, and Other Creatures of the Biotechnological Revolution: Towards a Genomic Mythology," March 13


John Burnight (NC State), "Job 3 as an Allegory For The Birth and Death of Israel," April 3

Robert Orsi (Harvard), "What Christian Nation?", December 4


Catherine Weinberger-Thomas (University of California, Santa Barbara), "From Ape to Cyborg: New Debates on Human Nature," April 20

Amina Wadud (Virginia Commonwealth University), "Inside the Gender Jihad," April 14

Ronald Veenker (Western Kentucky), "Whose Donkey is it Anyway? The History and Meaning of the Bowden Tablet,"  January 19

Jonathan Berkey (Davidson College), "The Transmission of Knowledge and Muslim Identity: Medieval Institutions and Modern Problems," October 13

Colleen McDannell (University of Utah), "Stability through Symmetry: The Catholicism of Alexander Bogardy," November 4


Jason Bivins (NC State), "The Religion of Fear: Horror, Identity, and Politics in American Evangelicalism," March 3

Cemalnur Sargut (Turkish Women's Cultural Association, Istanbul), "Sufism and Interfaith Dialogue," February 24

D. Neil Schmid (NC State), "Filial Cannibalism," November 11

William Adler (NC State), "Sextus Julius Africanus and the Romanization of the Near East in the 3rd Century," October 14


Gurmeet Rai (Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative, New Delhi), "Lime Buildings Breathe," October 29