Chemistry Seminar Program

Fall 2014 | Spring 2015

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All seminars begin at 3:40 pm in Dabney 124 unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be served outside Dabney 124 at 3:30 pm.


Friday, August 22

Host: Morteza Khaledi

Leslie Sombers, North Carolina State University

“Disambiguating the Complex Chemical Mechanisms Underlying Basic Brain Function using Microelectrochemistry”

Friday, August 29

No Seminar


Friday, September 5

Host: Gufeng Wang

Joel M. Harris, University of Utah

“Spectroscopy under the Microscope: Chemical Analysis in Femtoliter Volumes”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, September 12

Host: Morteza Khaledi

Gavin Williams, North Carolina State University

“Reprogramming the Biosynthesis of Natural Products”

Friday, September 19

Host: Joshua Pierce

Jeff Aube, University of Kansas

“New Heterocyclic Chemistry: Methods, Libraries, and Biology”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, September 26

Host: Gufeng Wang

Zachary Schultz, University of Notre Dame

“Nanostructure Plasmonic Enhancements for Chemical Analysis”

Seminar Abstract


Friday, October 3

Host: Alex Nevzorov

Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, University of Michigan

“Dynamic Structures of Membrane Proteins and Amyloid Proteins by NMR”

Seminar Abstract

Monday, October 6

Host: Felix Castellano

Leif Hammarström, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University

“Molecular Mechanisms of Artificial Photosynthesis”

Seminar Abstract

Please Note: Seminar will be held in Cox 206 at 2:00 pm

Friday, October 10

No Seminar

Fall Break

Friday, October 17

Host: Elena Jakubikova

Tom Cundari, University of North Texas


Friday, October 24

Host: Felix Castellano

Mark Thompson, University of Southern California


Friday, October 31

Host: Elon Ison

Michael B. Hall, Texas A&M University



Friday, November 7

Host: Leslie Sombers

Richard M. Crooks, University of Texas at Austin

“Paper Diagnostic Devices for Electrochemical Detection of Biological Weapons”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, November 14

Host: Chris Gorman

Todd Emrick, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Friday, November 21

Host: David Shultz

Mark Ratner, Northwestern University

“Molecular Mesoscopics: Transport in Molecular Junctions”

Seminar Abstract

Friday, November 28

No Seminar

Thanksgiving Holiday

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