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International Students

The Co-op program is an option if you're an international student on an F1 visa.

First, you'll want to complete the CPT session, and if Co-op seems like its for you, complete the Co-op application and submit it to the Career Development Center (at 2100 Pullen Hall). Prior to your appointment with a Co-op coordinator, you'll want to upload your resume to ePACK.

Then, attend job fairs and meet with prospective employers. When you receive a job offer and decide to accept it, you'll need to provide a copy of your offer letter to the Co-op program.

This letter must include your job title and description, salary, the number of hours you'll work each week, the mailing address of your future work site as well as the start and end dates of your employment (which must be within the dates of the academic semester).

In addition, you must also bring with you the Adviser's Recommendation Form and the International Student Approval Form.

Before you begin work, you'll need to schedule a Pre-Work Conference by calling the Co-op Program at 919.515.2300 and contact OIS (919.515.2961) regarding CPT processing.

Finally, once your work rotation is complete, schedule a post-work conference by calling the Co-op Program (919.515.2300).

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