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CODA: Poole College of Management

Admission to the Poole College of Management is competitive and is based on academic record and space available in the College. Apply for only one Poole College of Management major as decisions are made college wide rather than by department.  Applying for multiple majors does not increase a student's chance of admission.Students will be considered for admission if they meet all of the following requirements. Courses in progress at the time of the application deadline will not be considered. Meeting the following requirements does not guarantee admission.

  • attempted 30 hours of college level coursework (including at least 21 hours attempted at NC State)
  • completed (with a C- or better) English 101 (or 111/112), or the equivalent
  • completed (with a C- or better) Calculus (MA 121/131/141), or the equivalent

In addition to the above, students will be considered competitive for admission if they have achieved the following requirements. Meeting these achievements does not guarantee admission. Students are encouraged to apply earlier in their program rather than later).

  • 3.0 or better cumulative NC State GPA
  • 3.0 or better College of Management GPA (calculated on ACC, BUS, EC, ECG, and M courses)
  • Completion of 60 credit hours or less is encouraged.

Application Procedures

Applications will be reviewed immediately following each application deadline and students will be notified of their admission status via email within one month of the deadline.

For questions regarding the CODA process, contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs at 919-515-5565.

Please Note: The Proceed to Application button will only be available during the application windows listed on the left.


Residency Requirements for Graduation

Accounting and Business Administration majors must complete at least 30 credit hours (not restricted to courses in the major) while officially enrolled as a degree candidate in either Accounting or Business Administration in order to graduate from the Poole College of Management. Other residency requirements may apply as well (see Poole College of Management General Policies).


Please check Curricula Requirements for your intended major by processing a What-If from your degree audit.