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Clay Classes

For clay classes and studio use, participants must be age 14 or older. All classes include a pass for access to the clay studio for the current semester. Workshops do not include a studio pass but workshop participants may purchase a studio pass at the level I price.
The studio is also available for use without taking a class.
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Cancellations: For a refund, the Crafts Center staff must be notified of a cancellation at least 7 days before the class or workshop begins; $10 is non-refundable. If the class or workshop is cancelled by the Crafts Center, you will receive a full refund.


Absences: To receive the best experience and get the most out of your class, attendance at all classes is important as there are no provisions for make-up sessions for missed classes.


Instructors: Section A - Charlene Poisel; Section B - Jennifer Siegelpottery


Would you like to learn how to work on the pottery wheel? This class covers the fundamentals of throwing basic forms: wedging, centering, pulling & shaping walls to make cylinder forms, mugs, bowls and vases. You then will learn to trim and glaze to create finished pots. Practice time outside of class is strongly suggested to develop throwing skills. Supply fee includes one 25# bag of clay.

Section A: Monday evenings for 6 weeks, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, May 19 – June 30 (skip May 26)

Section B:Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, May 20 – June 24



Supply fee (for first bag of clay)



Class fee
I = $50
II = $90
III = $100

HANDBUILDING 101image of a handbuilt mug
Instructor: Jennifer Siegel

No experience necessary. Coiling, soft and hard slab construction and extruding are the main methods of handbuilding that this beginner level five-week class introduces. Students will create functional as well as sculptural forms, such as cups, vases, and lidded boxes. Surface decoration through slips, stains, and wax as well as glazing will be a significant aspect of this course. Practice time outside of class is strongly suggested to develop your skills. Supply fee includes one 25# bag of clay.


Monday evenings for 5 weeks, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, May 19 – June 23 (skip May 26)


Supply Fee (for first bag of clay)


Class fee
I = $42
II = $75
III = $83

CONTINUING HANDBUILDING image of some hand built pottery
Instructor: Jo Ellen Westmoreland

For students who have already had an introductory class in handbuilding and are ready to continue on with more advanced projects and techniques. Lidded boxes, salt & pepper shakers, teapots, and pouring vessels such as a teapot, ewer, or pitcher will be some of our projects in this class. Surface decoration and glazing will also be discussed. Supply fee includes one 25# bag of clay.

Tuesday evenings for 5 weeks, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm, July 1 – July 29

Prerequisites: Completion of Foundations of Handbuilding, Handbuilding 101, or equivalent experience required


Supply Fee


Class fee
I = $42
II = $75
III = $83

PHOTO LITHOGRAPHY ON CONE 10 CERAMICSimage of phot lithography on clay
Instructor: Jennifer Siegel

No prior clay/photo experience required. Lithography is a method of printing, invented in 1796, most commonly recognized through newspaper production. Learn the simple techniques of this oil vs. water image transferring process using gum arabic, mason stain, linseed oil, and other supplied tools. Students will create 2-4 finished pieces, through handbuilding techniques, and apply their own images to the clay surface. Supply fee also includes one 25# bag of Loafer’s Glory clay.

Sunday afternoons for 4 weeks, 1:00 - 5:00 pm, June 29 – July 27 (skip July 20)


Supply Fee


Class fee
I = $44
II = $80
III = $89

FINDING THE BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION (Workshop)image of Japanese style ceramic teabowl by Akeira Satake
Instructor: Akira Satake

The Crafts Center is offering this workshop in conjunction with the Gregg Museum of Art & Design’s exhibition, Remnants of the Floating World: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection.


In this demonstration only workshop, Akira Satake will demonstrate involving both the handbuilding and throwing techniques he uses in the making of his tea ceremony bowls, teapots, vases and sculptural objects. Participants will learn to create rich surfaces inspired by the natural world. Satake will demonstrate several techniques: brushing kohiki slip on clay slabs and stretching the slabs to crack and distort the surfaces; applying a coating of clay mixed with sand onto the surface of wheel thrown pieces and then altering them; and mixing air and other materials into the clay body and then tearing off the clay and/or cutting with a wire to create the shapes. Participants will also tour the exhibition. Visit Akira Satake’s website:

image of ceramic teapot by Akira Satake
Sunday, June 22, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Workshop fee
I = $10
II & III = $35









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