THE Crafts Center
for E101 Students

Engineering E101 Students . . .


The Crafts Center offers support facilities and expertise for the creative manipulation of many materials.   Do you need access to basic woodworking equipment enabling completion of an assignment?   Or, lacking training in machine usage, do you simply need assistance and the service of having cuts made for you?  Whether in support of an individual or group need, The Crafts Center offers the following services:

Machining Services
At no charge, arrangements can be made for one of our shop staff to make cuts enabling completion of project work.  Please plan ahead and enter the shop with high respect for safety. 


Group Space
With prior notice and planning, the wood studio will be made available for use by student project teams.  Machining operations during this time will be limited.


Studio Passes

Studio passes are available for Wood, Clay, Photography and Lapidary disciplines.  If proficient in skill, you may use the area of choice following payment and completion of a one-hour orientation.  For the wood studio, all participants must have medical insurance. 


To arrange a meeting time or to learn more, call 515-2457 or contact George Thomas at  The Crafts Center  is located in the lower level of Thompson Hall. Our  entrance is on Jensen Drive, across from the Cates Avenue/Coliseum Parking Deck.


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