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blank spacer blockWoven Tryptich: Salt March II by Mary Kircher

The Marsh: Reflections on Place

August 18 – November 8

Reception: Thursday, October 29, 5:30 -7:30 pm



An exhibition of woven art by Mary Kircher.


Mary Kircher is a fiber artist and textile designer specializing in hand weaving and custom dye techniques. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a Masters in Art + Design. Her creative process starts by analyzing aspects of interacting with the wilderness. She interprets activities and visuals experienced while camping, canoeing, or hiking and translate these experiences into woven objects. Her techniques include woven shibori, ikat, double weave and tapestry. She makes one-of-a-kind artwork and functional objects such as rugs or accessories. You can find Mary weaving or dyeing the next creation at her Artspace studio in Raleigh, NC.


This series of work is inspired by the NC salt marshes along the Outer Banks. Mary’s work starts out as white yarn and is dyed using a technique called ikat. Ikat is an ancient process of dying yarn in a pattern before it is woven. The yarns are tightly bound with a special tape to resist the dye entering areas of the yarn, thus creating a pattern. The yarns are then put on the shuttle and woven on a loom. Some pieces are further modified with a basketry technique called coiling to further define the uniquely abstract imagery.


"The coastal salt marshes are part of my North Carolina soul. As I paddle along, there are elements of small wild things everywhere, the otter’s path, crabs and scallops, herons and water birds. I feel close to this place as I take in the earthy smell of muddy bog and tall marsh grasses. From my kayak, I stretch tall to look over the grasses and see laurel, bay and live oak that have weathered great winds in the salty, sandy soil. My imagery of the salt marshes is tranquil; capturing the coastal wilderness and great quiet found paddling along a tranquil channel."


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