THE Crafts Center
Eileen Chevalier shares her sentiments
about The Crafts Center

This article appeared in the Arts NC State Students Achieve newsletter, which was distributed in the spring of 2001.


Entering NCSU as a Design School undergraduate, I was already keenly interested in bringing beautiful and functional objects into the world. Discovering The Crafts Center at the beginning of my studies was the perfect complement to these aspirations. Not only have I been able to explore an extensive array of crafts, understanding their processes and developing hand skills, but the talented students and teachers in each class have inspired me. One of the things The Crafts Center does best is to bring together students, alumni, and others interested in the fine art of craft, allowing all to explore and develop talent in an open and supportive atmosphere. The diversity of backgrounds among the teachers and students has allowed me to interact more fully and to a greater end than many of my classes as a Design School student. Where else could I share long talks with fellow students, young mothers, and grandmothers while knitting; or watch in amazement as a raku kiln is opened to reveal pottery from people of all skill levels?


While all this is wonderful alone, there is more to The Crafts Center than excellent teachers, interesting students, and many worthwhile classes! The Crafts Center also maintains its own gallery, providing an impressive display of works from all areas of craft. One of my favorites was a collection of Native American works. Pieces ranged from pottery to weaving to sculpture, showing the breadth and depth of skill among these people. Exhibits like this allow me to expand my knowledge of craft and challenge me to exhibit that same level of dedication to all pursuits in life. In the end, it is not just what can be seen and done in The Crafts Center which I will take with me as I graduate, but an understanding and awe of work done with one's hands.


Eileen Chevalier


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