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Pinhole Camera Challenge

For NCSU Students Only



pinhole camera photo

Event Leader: Katy Walls


Registration Deadline: Friday, September 20


Registration Fee: $2.00

Challenge Days:

Section A - Saturday,September 21, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm 

Section B - Sunday, September 22, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm 

Photo Exhibition:
September 25 - November 1

Winner to be announced on Friday, October 25

2012 People's Choice Winning

Photo by Jharana Agrawal


The Crafts Center challenges the students at NC State in this competition to capture the campus as seen through the eye of a pinhole camera. Upon registration, students will receive the pinhole lens and a copy of directions on how to build the very simple box camera that will measure as small as 4”x 5” in size. Build your camera at home if you like! If needed, bring your materials to the Crafts Center on Thursday or Friday afternoon,September 19 & 20, and we will provide tools and assistance for getting the job done. More details>



pinhole camera photo

Beginning sharply at 9:30 AM on Saturday, September 21 or Sunday,
September 22
student participants will gather at theCraftsCenter in
order to load and learn how to take negative images using their homemade camera and photographic paper. This session will also allow for subtle technical adjustments to the camera before going out into the field.  Saturday will be a whirlwind day in which student participants will learn to use their cameras, load them up with photographic paper, go out to take pictures, and return each time to process the images in the Crafts Center’s darkroom…wear good shoes!

2012 Judge's Choice Winning
Photo by Natalie Kerby

Take as many pictures as you wish and at 4:00 pm, all participants will turn in the best of their three images to be judged. The judges will choose ten negative pinhole images that will be enlarged and made into positive prints worthy of prominent display.  Along with all of the negative entries, the ten final images will be displayed in The Crafts Center’s main entry where visitors and class participants will have the opportunity to vote on one best picture.  This year there will be a prize of a free crafts class to be awarded to both the Judge’s Choice and the People’s Choice winners!  So come and join us and have a fun day discovering your campus!


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