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National Writing and/or Speaking Programs:

Common Program Acronyms List (*list not exhaustive for all programs*) :

  • CAC - Communication Across the Curriculum
  • CID - Communication in the Disciplines
  • WAC - Writing Across the Curriculum
  • WID - Writing In the Disciplines


  • Auburn University, Montgomery - (WAC); The WAC program at Auburn requires writing-intensive instruction throughout the curriculum.
  • Samford University - (WAC); Within the last 15 years, Samford instituted the WAC program, the initiatives of which are now part of the Transformational Learning Abilities Project.
  • Spring Hill College - (WAC); Students at SHC must pass at least three writing-enriched courses in addition to the four required English courses to earn their baccalaureate degrees.
  • University of North Alabama - (WAC/WID); The Center for Writing Excellence provides faculty support for WAC/WID, offering monthly workshops from February-April and September-November.
  • University of South Alabama - (WAC); Faculty workshops are held twice a year at USA, and an online bibliography of WAC materials as well as links to outside resources are provided.




  • John Brown University - (WAC);
  • University of Arkansas, Fort Smith - (WAC); The English Department at UA-Fort Smith encourages an emphasis on writing across the curriculum.
  • University of Arkansas, Little Rock - (WAC); Currently there is a proposal for the university to consider implementing a WAC program.
  • University of Central Arkansas - (WAC); The Department of Writing and Speech and the University Center for Communication Support provide faculty with various resources, such as professional forums, brown bags, consultations, and additional extensive assistance, to help with the implementation of writing across the disciplines.



  • Adams State College - (WAC); In 2000 ASC started its WAC program.
  • Colorado College - (WAC); CC has implemented a unique writing program, moving away from a standard composition course to encourage students to take writing intensive courses across the curriculum. The Writing Center helps to support the WAC program.
  • Colorado School of Mines - (WAC); In 1997 CSM started its WAC program.
  • Colorado State University - (WAC); CSU features a WAC program that provides teaching guides, handouts, and additional resources for faculty.
  • Metropolitan State College of Denver - (CAC); According to a strategic plan dated from October 2007, MSCD intends to implement a CAC program.
  • Regis University - (WAC); RU provides its students with several resources to encourage their writing across the curriculum, including services available at the Writing Center, workshops, handouts, and a literary magazine titled Reflections.
  • University of Denver - (WAC); UD features a WAC program that offers faculty workshops and links to online resources.



  • University of Delaware - (WAC); Two Writing Center consultants assist faculty interested in implementing WAC in their courses at UD.

District of Columbia:


  • Florida Atlantic University - (WAC); FAU implemented its WAC program in the spring of 2007 and provides faculty with resources such as workshops and departmental grants.
  • Jacksonville University - (WAC); JU has a WAC committee.
  • Keiser University - (WAC); The foundation of the Keiser Writes program is WAC.
  • Northwood University - (WAC); Every NU student completes 18 credit hours of writing.
  • Nova Southeastern University - (WAC); Each undergraduate course at NSU includes writing assignments that account for at least 25% of the final course grade.
  • Rollins College - (WAC); All majors at RC include extensive writing and resources such as the Writing Center, writing marathons, Friday night workshops, etc. are available for students.
  • University of Florida - (WID); UF features a WID program through the partnership between the University Writing Program and the William and Grace Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication. The program emphasizes writing across such disiciplines as engineering, pre-law, psychology, sociology, etc.
  • University of Miami - (WAC); At UM students must complete 5 courses designated as writing intensive in addition to the English composition requirement prior to graduation.



  • University of Hawaii, Manoa - (WAC); UH-Manoa features a WAC program and offers faculty online resources including links to handouts, sample assignments, discipline-specific examples, etc.


  • Boise State University - (WAC); As part of its Center for Teaching and Learning, BSU offers a four-day Writing Across the Curriculum Institute to assist faculty with effective implementation of writing assignments in their courses.
  • Idaho State University - (WAC); The Writing Center at ISU helps to support WAC in the General Education courses and in all disciplines.
  • Lewis-Clark State College - (WAC); LCSC has a Writing Across the Curriculum Committee that is part of the Faculty Senate.


  • Benedictine University - (WAC); BU offers faculty resources such as WAC seminars and online resources including links to presentations from those seminars and sample rubrics.
  • Bradley University - (WAC);
  • Chicago State University - (WAC); The Mission and Vision Statement of the College of Arts and Sciences at CSU outlines an increasing attention to WAC at the university.
  • DePaul University - (WID); The university's Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment supports the WID Initiative.
  • Dominican University - (WAC); Through writing enhanced courses, Dominican University supports its WAC program.
  • Eastern Illinois University - (WAC); In 1990 the WAC Committee at EIU was formed. Faculty resources include workshops and links to online resources.
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - (WAC); The university features a WAC program and offers introductory training seminars, workshops, and links to online handouts for faculty.



  • Grinnell College - (WAC); Features a WAC program that offers such resources as a faculty forum and writing inventory.
  • Iowa State University - (CAC) Features a CAC program that offers resources such as professional development workshops and example writing and speaking assignments.
  • University of Northern Iowa - Features a Professional Writing Program that emphasizes a "whole document" approach.



  • University of Kentucky - Features a Writing Initiative (WAC) program that extends across such disciplines as anthropology, architecture, physics, social work, etc.


  • Louisiana State University - Features a CAC program that offers faculty workshops and summer institutes as well as communication studios for both faculty and students.


  • Montgomery College - Features a WID program offers individual consultations and workshops for faculty in addition to links to online resources.


  • Mount Holyoke College - Features a Speaking, Arguing, & Writing program that offers resources for faculty such as pedagogy workshops and guides about including writing and speaking assignments in the curriculum.



  • University of Minnesota - Features a Writing-Enriched Program that emphasizes writing across such disciplines as design, housing, and apparel, horticultural science, mechanical engineering, nursing, etc.


  • Millsaps College - (WAC); MC has adopted a WAC program and provides faculty with links to online resources such as information regarding the creation of writing assignments and plagiarism
  • Tougaloo College - (WAC); The WAC program is monitored by the Commission on Writing.


  • Longview Community College - Features a WAC program that provides workshops and individual consultations for faculty in addition to other resources.
  • University of Missouri, Columbia - Features a WAC program that offers such resources as sample syllabi for writing-intensive courses across the disciplines and e-WAC.




New Hampshire:

New Jersey:

New Mexico:

  • University of New Mexico - Features a WAC program that offers workshops and additional resources such as links to guest lectures, sample assignments, guest lectures, etc.

New York:

  • Bronx Community College - Features a WAC program that provides a handbook for faculty to assist them with incorporating and assessing writing assignments as well as a syllabus checklist to help ensure they are meeting the objectives of the program.
  • City University of New York - Features a WAC program and provides links to such resources as WAC/WID scholarship and guides as well as online writing labs (OWLs).
  • LaGuardia Community College - Features a WID program that offers a faculty seminar and additional resources for designing writing assignments and responding to student writing.
  • Manhattan College - Features a WAC program and offers resources for creating and assessing writing assignments.

North Carolina:

  • Appalachian State University - Features a WAC program that offers such resources as faculty consultations and workshops and discussions.
  • North Carolina State University - Features the Campus Writing & Speaking Program, which hosts seminars, campus-wide workshops, and brown bag events, as well as provides various resources for faculty.
  • University of North Carolina, Greensboro - Features a CAC program that includes both Speaking Across the Curriculum and Writing Across the Curriculum components. Faculty workshops in addition to various online resources are available.

North Dakota:





Puerto Rico:

Rhode Island:

South Carolina:

  • Clemson University - Features a CAC program and through the R. Roy & Marnie Pearce Center offers interdisciplinary workshops and sponsored workshops.
  • Columbia College - Features a WID program that extends across such disciplines as business, communication and theater, dance, mathematics, science, etc.

South Dakota:



  • Texas A & M University - Features a Communications in the Disciplines program with faculty resources available through the Writing Center.




  • George Mason University - Features a WAC program that provides such resources as faculty workshops, writing guides for various departments and schools, and links to national writing guides.


  • Washington State University - Features a WID program that offers faculty development workshops and coordinates the review of more than 300 writing- intensive courses across the disciplines.

West Virginia:

  • Marshall University - (WAC); The website features resources for faculty and the program hosts an annual WAC Workshop every fall.


  • University of Wisconsin, Madison - Features a WAC program that offers resources such as faculty consultations, workshops, team teaching, and writing center classes.