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Listed below you'll find some of the professional activities in which the Campus Writing and Speaking Program has participated in the past. For files labeled PDF format you may need to download Adobe® Acrobat® Reader if you don't already have it. As some of the files are sizeable, they may take a few moments to download. Powerpoint presentations have been converted to web documents so you don't need Powerpoint to view them. Be sure to check out our Resources page for useful information as well.

Recent Research Articles

Anson, C. M. & Schwegler, R. A. (2012). Tracking the Mind's Eye: A New Technology for Researching 21st Century Writing and Reading Processes. College Composition and Communication, 64.1, 151-171.

Anson, C. M. & Miller-Cochran, S. K. (2009). Contrails of learning: Using new technologies for vertical knowledge-building. Computers and Composition, 26, 38-48.

Dannels, D. P. & Housley Gaffney, A. L. (2009). Communication across the curriculum and in the disciplines: A call for scholarly cross-curricular advocacy. Communication Education, 58, 124-153.

Dannels, D.P. (2009). Features of success in engineering design presentations: A call for relational genre knowledge. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 23, 399-427.


Archived Research and Conference Activity

Chris M. Anson

Deanna P. Dannels