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Each semester, up to a dozen faculty from across the NC State curriculum are invited to participate in a workshop series designed to help them improve the way they use writing and speaking in their courses. Participants meet biweekly for eight meetings during the semester, and receive a $500 stipend at the conclusion of the seminar. A CWSP graduate consultant helps faculty participants on various aspects of their course improvements between seminar meetings. At the end of the semester, each participant prepares a report of his or her course improvements which is made available at the CWSP Web site. The following year, seminar participants from both semesters present the resuts of their course improvements (and experiences implementing them) at one of the Program's monthly "Theory Into Practice" Brown Bag lunch sessions, to which the campus community is invited.

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We apologize that due to funding constraints we are currently unable to offer the faculty seminar. Please check in with us for future semesters!

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