Department Consultations

The Campus Writing and Speaking Program offers department- or program-specific consultation services to ensure the most effective implementation of University-wide goals for integrated communcation instruction. On an as-needed basis, members of the Program will consult with faculty and administrators in a specific department about the current and future status of support for communication in the curriculum. In the past, these consultations have included meetings with the entire faculty of a unit; with department heads and select administrators; or with curriculum committees or other groups charged with overseeing undergraduate education in the unit. Consultations can yield other ways that the CWSP can support the unit, such as providing a department-specific workshop or consulting further with groups of faculty teaching specific courses.

Two specific, campus-wide initiatives affecting all departments on campus involve the creation of learning outcomes for writing and speaking, and formative profiles of the department's attention to writing and speaking.

To discuss a possible departmental consultation, please write to the Director, Prof. Chris Anson, at or the Associate Director, Prof. Deanna Dannels, at