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In the first major phase of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program's discipline-specific work, we helped every undergraduate major or program to create outcomes for writing and speaking. More can be learned about this project at this link.

We are now starting a second phase of departmental consultations that involve creating profies of each department based on its attention to writing and speaking within the undergraduate curriculum. First we meet with specific administrators or overseers of the curriculum (this could involve the department head, an undergraduate studies coordinator, or a curricululm committee) to gauge the status quo and work out the details of the consultaton. At this time we decide what data would be most helpful to collect, such as curricular grids, syllabi, or assessment information. We conduct interviews with specific members of the faculty and continue to gather information as needed. The resulting report is designed to be entirely formative, for use within the department as it continues to implement and assess its writing and speaking outcomes. The report documents how writing and speaking are used, where, to what ends, and in what relationship to broader curricular, pedagogical, and career goals. Although designed to "map" an institution's progress toward full implementation of communication across the curriculum, these profiles play a heuristic role for specific departments, moving them beyond the status quo and reenergizing their interests in CAC as a sustained focus of their teaching mission.

Departments decide whether, or to what extent, iniformation from their profiles will be shared more broadly. The links below offer full or partial information from departments willing to make their profiles public.

List of Departmental Profiles

Department of Food Science [complete]