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Point/Counterpoint Sessions

Periodically, the CWSP hosts an informal "point/counterpoint" lunch session. Unlike the regular brown-bag series, these sessions are designed less to share new instructional ideas and strategies than to tackle challenging topics and air differences of opinion about them. For example, many educators believe that students' Internet use, especially of communicative media such as Instant Messenger, Skype, or Facebook, is harming their formal, academic writing. Others believe that the simple act of writing, regardless of its form, style, or genre, can only help students to learn how to communicate more proficiently. Meanwhile, research on this question shows mixed and conflicting results. A typical point-counterpoint session might bring two faculty together who hold different opinions about this issue to discuss their views briefly and then have an open discussion with those who attend.

Point/Counterpoint sessions are always held from noon-1 p.m. A box lunch is provided to the first ten people who sign up for the event.

Check back soon for future point/counterpoint dates!

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