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3. Provide Quality Customer Service and Efficient Processes to the Campus Community

Student Information System 9.0 Upgrade

EMAS has endeavored, since the 2009 implementation of the Oracle Campus Solutions student information system (SIS), to explore processes and functionality within this new system that could positively impact the campus community. An upgrade to SIS version 9.0 is currently underway and will be deployed in early October, 2012. Registration and Records (R&R) staff regularly review a SIS Issue Log where concerns over SIS functionality are documented and addressed as resources allow.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid successfully implemented the Financial Aid Module of the Student Information System effective with the 2011-12 academic year. This transition improves service to students by integrating students’ access to billing and financial aid information through a single portal, and integrating back end processes for staff. To further streamline the experience for graduate students, OSFA began handling disbursement of fellowships through SIS rather than through the Human Resources system. These transitions enhance the student’s experience throughout the financial aid process and make information for problem resolution more readily available to other student services staff.

Parent/Guardian Access to Student Records

R&R staff, along with Enterprise Application Services and Office of Information Technology staff, developed an online feature within SIS that now allows students to create a log in ID and password for their parents/guardians so that academic and financial records can be accessed via the online portal. This eliminated a paper-driven process that was confusing for students and it provides staff with precise information about the existence and parameters of the parentsí access. Since this feature was released, 26,250 students have granted parent/guardian access via the SIS portal.

Online Grade Changes in SIS

In an effort to reduce paperwork for faculty and departmental administrators, and to provide faster and more accurate grade/GPA information to students, a workflow process for grade changes was implemented. Faculty can now initiate a grade change from their grade rosters in SIS. During 2011-2012 school year, faculty initiated 8,658 grade changes

Online Transcript Ordering & Electronic Delivery of Transcripts

Registration & Records is now able to process transcript requests through an online ordering system, and deliver secure pdf transcripts if requested. In the academic year 2011-2012, 32,898 transcripts-68% of all transcript orders- were ordered online. Of those, 11, 199 transcripts were delivered as secure pdf documents. The impacts of this feature include providing sometimes same-day service on pdf delivery which reduces stress for customers who need transcripts sent to employers, schools, etc. and significant reduction in the number of customers who previously would have been forced to order in person in the office or fax sensitive information to the office.

Veterans Affairs Service Center & Yellow Ribbon Program

Registration & Records continues to explore opportunities to enhance customer service for veterans and dependents of veterans using the GI Bill. Space in Harris Hall is now identified as a VA Service Center where students and their families can find information and speak with a VA Certifying Official. This designated space enables staff to speak to students privately about their finances and other academic issues that may impact their VA funding. In a recent VA Student Survey, 96% of veterans who responded indicated they are very satisfied with the service they receive. In 2010-2011, 25 more Yellow Ribbon slots were made available. Thirty-eight students using GI Bill benefits were covered under the NC State Yellow Ribbon agreement, administered through Registration & Records, for a total of $119,310.00 in 2011-2012.

Automated Processes for Scheduling Officers

Since 2009, Registration & Records has created unique, user-friendly, queries in SIS and situated them within the scheduling screens for easy access. The Combined Sections table has been modified to reduce frustration for campus users, and the mechanism for requesting a room block out or pre-assignment consideration has been automated, eliminating a paper process that created a bottle-neck of processing in R&R and added to scheduling officer frustration during the scheduling process. In Fall 2011, Registration and Records received 235 preassign requests via paper forms. After modifying this process and emphasizing proper usage of preassign requests, Spring of 2012 only had 115 preassign requests. The scheduling officer website has been redesigned to provide information more efficiently, and training efforts have been increased. In 2011-2012, R&R scheduling staff provided more than 10 training opportunities for campus schedulers.

Calendar Information Made Available to Campus

The Registration & Records & Calendar Committee, comprised of representatives from all over the university, researched and published a set of guidelines and additional information about the process for creating the academic calendars. This information has been made available to the campus community.

Implementation of Interactive Voice Response System:

Registration and Records, Scholarships and Financial Aid, and Undergraduate Admissions began using an IVR product, Angel, to decrease wait times for callers and provide accurate, efficient responses with a minimum of call transfers using Angel’s caller menu options.  From July 2011 to July 2012, these three offices handled 176,428 calls. A complete document of Angel call statistics is available.