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University Open House: Expanded and Re-Imagined for 2012

Record Numbers

The 2012 University Open House drew the largest registration in open house history with a total of 3,168 students (8,573 total) preregistered. Registration is not required, but estimates show that up to 11,000 guests attended the event on October 13th!

An Expanded View

Beginning in 2011, University Open House was restructured to be a campus-wide event hosted at important locations throughout campus to showcase our academic programs, as well as our comprehensive student activities and services. This year, we continued to focus on the visitor experience, and made even more changes to the Open House program:

  • Created two separate bus routes to improve transit times and facilitate access to programming for the guests.
  • Extended Open House by an additional hour to allow families to spend more time visiting.
  • Added additional academic information sessions.
  • Teamed up with DASA and SORC to encourage participation from about 30 student organizations, who set up informational tables on the brickyard.
  • About 50 University services and departments hosted information tables in Carmichael gym as part of a centralized information fair.

Survey Says...

Many of the comments from guests focused on the beautiful, relaxed and friendly feel of campus. Visitors appreciated the option of taking the programming in at their own pace, and choosing activities tailored to their interests. In addition to exploring academics, families toured the residence halls, dining facilities, the bookstore, and the library.