Adverse Weather Advisory Notifications and Updates

Friday, January 25, 2013

At present, the University is expected to be fully open and operating under normal-condition status (Status 5) through 12:00 pm on Friday, January 25.

The university will be moving to status 3 (classes cancelled and under adverse weather advisory status) at 12:00 pm. Any change in status will be posted on the NC State homepage as soon as such a decision is made.

Under status 3, employees who are not required to be present as “essential personnel” may leave at 12:00 or later on Fri afternoon and, per sec. 6.3 of the Adverse Weather regulation, they can use accrued annual leave, comp time, or bonus leave, or leave without pay; or they may make up the missed time within 12 months. Employees who are unsure if their position has been flagged as “essential” should check with their supervisor or manager; such flags are tracked on each position's “description” tab in the HR System.

Check the NC State homepage for status updates.

The University's Adverse Weather Regulation is available online at