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Event Planning Guidelines

Events are an important component in the university's communications and outreach efforts. This information is intended as a guide for colleges and other units that are planning university events in which they would like to have the Chancellor's participation and/or will be inviting special guests (members of the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, or elected officials).

What constitutes an institutional event?

  • Chancellor's office initiates the invitation or acts as 'host' of the event or
  • The Chancellor will speak at the event, or
  • Invitation list includes VIPs such as elected officials, UNC System president, members of the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees or Board of Visitors.

Chancellor Participation

If you would like the Chancellor to participate in your event, you should begin by having your proposal reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellor or Dean of your unit. Upon approval, please contact Lindsay Recchie, Assistant to the Chancellor well before the event is scheduled. If the Chancellor is participating in your event, a representative from University Special Events must serve on the planning committee to offer assistance and to ensure that university protocols are followed, that the proper officials are invited, and that there is coordination of publicity/media coverage of the event. In addition, all collateral materials, such as invitations and programs, must be approved by University Special Events in consultation with the Chancellor's Office.

Process for Inviting VIPs

University Special Events will assist in determining the list of VIPs that are appropriate for major events that involve the Chancellor. If the UNC System president, elected officials, or members of the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees or Board of Visitors are to be invited to the event, the Chancellor's office should approve the invitation list. This guide was updated January 2013. Suggestions for improvement may be sent to University Special Events

Planning an institutional event

Event planners should use the following guides in planning their event. Guides included on this website are: