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About the Shelton Leadership Center

Mission Statement

To inspire, educate, and develop values-based leaders committed to personal integrity, professional ethics, and selfless service.

About the Gen. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center:

The Gen. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center was founded in 2002 following the retirement of Gen. Shelton as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Gen. Shelton as a means of “giving back” to his alma mater and to assist in the development of the next generation of values-based leaders.   Center outreach programs focus on leadership development within corporate, governmental, educational, non-profit and youth development organizations.  Gen. Shelton was greatly influenced by his childhood experiences within an “Extension family” and surrounded by citizen leaders who were committed to the ideals of positive youth development. The mission of the Center is: To inspire, educate, and develop values-based leaders committed to personal integrity, professional ethics, and selfless service.

The Center focuses on intergenerational programming that validate the importance of youth/adult partnerships in program design and delivery.

The core programs of the Center are: Youth leadership training (collegiate and high school); National Leadership Forums (corporate to student); leadership scholarship programs (inclusive of service learning and international experiential learning), and youth and adult agency outreach programs.

Center Core Capabilities:

Shelton Leadership Development Forums

The Center plans, implements and evaluates annual General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Training Forums committed to providing excellence in inspirational leadership and professional development. These signature events focus on the importance of values-based leadership development for corporations, community agencies and public officials. Students are integrated into the audience, providing unparalleled opportunities for leadership training and career exploration.

Some strategic themes have been: Practical Applications for Exemplary Leadership; Leadership that Leaves a Legacy; Shaping the Game: The Power of TEAM Leadership; Leadership Without Borders; Preparing Leaders for the State, Nation, and World; Leadership, Ethics, and Accountability; The keynote speakers for 2010 for the theme, Strategic Leadership, will be Gen. Dan K. McNeill, David Gergen, and Bridgett van Kralingen, General Manager, IBM North America.

Speakers and trainers have included General H. Hugh Shelton, Dr. Stephen Covey, author of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge; and Ross Perot, Founder and CEO Emeritus of Perot Systems Corporation; William Cohen, Secretary of Defense; Dr. John Maxwell, leadership author and speaker; Cal Ripken,Jr.; Sherron Watkins, Enron whistle-blower; military leaders including Gen. Richard Myers15th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff , Gen. Russel Honore, Honorable Bill Cohen--Secretary of Defense, Gen. John Rosa, Gen. Frank Akers, Gen. Clara Adams-Ender, Joint Special Operations Command, Commander Guy Haywood, British Defense Staff and, numerous Fortune 500 CEO’s.

Youth Leadership Development Training

The Shelton Leadership Challenge programs are intensive week-long experiences for rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school, in collaboration with college-age mentors and adult instructors. General Shelton’s cornerstones of values-based leadership are integrated throughout the experience. These cornerstones are honesty, integrity, compassion for your fellow-man and subordinates,  respect for diversity in it’s many forms, and social responsibility. NC State University’s General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center collaborates with professionals associated with K-12 education, higher education, military, and high school students who attended the institutes previously, to continuously refine this youth summer experience focusing on leadership skill development, group process facilitation, individual and team reflection and evaluation. The scope and sequence of the curriculum intentionally plans for development of leadership skills for all levels of participants: Students, Peer Leaders and CMT’s (Coach/Mentor/Trainer).

The core curriculum focuses on: personal leadership skill assessment (360 feedback); Leadership Roles and Accountability; Team Building; Leadership Styles and Situations; Motivating Others; Citizen Responsibility; Integrity as a Leader; Public Speaking/Personal Presence; Changing Behaviors; and ,Goal Setting. Reflection is a key component for each exercise and daily review. Students are placed in leadership roles and participate in an evaluation conducted by the Coach, Mentor, Trainers (CMTs) and Peer Leaders.   A full second-year curriculum is dedicated to the integration of project management and social responsibility.  Students also prepare a leadership self-development plan.

Training modules for the peer leaders and CMT’s provide developmental opportunities for college students that are vital to their own collegiate experience, career exploration and leadership journey. The outcomes are very positive for the university campus culture and for the personal development of students.  Foundational aspects of center operations in the area of youth leadership development are youth-adult partnership models of civic engagement to increase workforce skills, to enhance a culture of social responsibility, and to foster intergenerational respect.

Student Scholarships/Stipends and Career Development Programs

The Shelton Leadership Center provides educational scholarships through privately funded endowments to outstanding young men and women who have demonstrated emerging strengths as leaders, and, who aspire to continue to learn, lead, and serve.  Regardless of the scholarship category, the criteria for selection, determined by General Shelton and a national board of advisors remains consistent. The traits of Shelton affiliated scholar s are: Leadership Experience and Potential, Evidence of Personal Character and Integrity, Orientation toward Community and Service, Commitment to Personal Growth, Commitment to Physical Fitness and Wellness, and Understanding of and Interest in the Program/Commitment to Maximizing the Program’s Opportunities.

Scholarships provide opportunities for international leadership experiences and domestic service opportunities incorporating the principles and practices of service-learning.

The Center also oversees career and leadership development internship programs of college students conducting engaged scholarship in domestic and international locations. The Center is involved in the recruitment and support of faculty and community mentors for student projects.

Training is conducted for very high achieving college students related to protocol and etiquette to prepare them for competitions for graduate school merit graduate assistantships, and prestigious international fellowships. Training is conducted in collaboration with a representative of the Joint Special Operations Command, Tampa, Florida.

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